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Moving // Images

Director of Photography, based in Los Angeles.

I shoot movies, music videos, and Commercial Stuff.




As a DP, I see myself first as a communicator. Before any planning or shot design, my goal is to understand the director’s vision and what they've imagined their work should be - then we work together to bring it to life.

I like to speak in emotive terms. How do you want the viewer to feel? What's the tone of the scene? What do you want to say to your audience? These questions give me what I need. From there my job is to be prepared and keep it simple.

I started shooting 35mm photos on my dad’s old Minolta when I was 15. The way film forces you to *know* what you're doing always fascinated me, and carries through to how I shoot today.  Cinematography requires a little bit of both science and art, and whatever format I’m working on I try to approach the work with both in mind.

This job is a sweaty, cumbersome, sometimes painful way to make a living - but most good things are, right? When you work side by side with other people like you do in film production, you have to learn how to communicate, collaborate, and coexist. People are just better when they become a part of something bigger, and each new shoot gives us another little chance to do so.